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Gonoshasthaya Institute of heath sciences is a modern institute of education that recognized by the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh as well as Bangladesh Medical and Dental council (BMDC). Gonoshasthaya Samajvittik medical college was founded under the guardianship of this Institute. This institute was approved in 1989 by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

Later on The University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh and Ministry of Education has approved the courses of Gonoshasthaya Samajvittik medical college.

Gonoshasthaya Samajvittik medical college with the help of World Health Organization WHO) has been included in AVICENNA Directories of Medicine University of Chopenhagen (world directory of medical school).

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Foregin Students
Gonoshasthaya Samajvittik Medical College has four big academic hospital of its own for the students to be familiar with the health problems of poor people living in urban and rural areas.The hospitals are – the first one at Savar, second one at Dhanmondi,third one at Gazipur,and the fourth one has recently started its operation in Pabna at kashinathpur. Another high quality hospital in Gaibandha has been established. More over 17 primary heath centres are situated in different places of Bangladesh.

Through the judgment of ideal and scientific method education atmospheres. Departmental laboratory, Multimedia and computer assist education system, and updated clinical thinning facility, the Gonoshasthaya samajy vittik medical college could expect the best prefer among the all govt. and none govt. medical college of the county .now more than 500 students are studying in this institute. And more than 190 graduated from this institute working in different places.


Candidates wishing to admit will have to attend  a written and a verbal exam. The passing students will be shorten down accordingly to their merit list.
Besides  subject specific questions  there will be questions for all candidates on

  • Society of Bangladesh and history,
  • Bangla-English language,
  • General knowledge,
  • Liberation war
  • Gono Bishwabiddiyalay  prospectus and the admission form.
  • All the candidates should know the National Anthem,
  • 7 Bir Shrestho, the sector commanders of liberation war, and our great intellectuals.
  •  In written and viva exam, most of the question will be from these.

The application/ admission form and the prospectus could collect from the register office by Paying 1000 taka (non refundable). Filled up admission form with 3 copies of recent photograph (3 month)  passport size, HSC, SSC/ equivalent attested certificate, masks sheet, testimonial and 1000 tk  equivalent demand draft/ bank draft/ pay order should be submitted to Gono Bishwbidyalay.


GB inherited a library from GK which is now in the forth floor covering 4,224 square feet. It is two hundred seated and fully air conditioned. It is open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. Visitors from home and abroad appreciate it highly. At present there are 6 employees including one deputy librarian.

In keeping all records it has been using Computerized Documentation System (CDS) and Integrated Set for Information System (ISIS) provided by UNESCO. Besides books and journals on general subjects, there is a good collection on medical science from home and abroad.
Along with the main library there is a documentation room having 78 valuable documents on medical related field. These documents are helpful for research. There are six English and Bengali dailies and weekly magazines for the readers.

At present it has about 20,000 books. New titles are included every year to enrich the library


Excellent campus life , chances to join different clubs, cultural activities, sports and organizations to excel extracurricular activities


Separate accommodation for male and female located within the campus area with international standard food and security services.


Computer is a must in communication of modern life. Each of the students of GB has to achieve the primary knowledge and operating system of computer. For that purpose, Computer training is available at a simple cost. This course is being directed by the experienced teachers.


All the students except the foreign students must take part in the study of their mother tongue Bengali as well as the international language like English. A well equipped language laboratory is established for this purpose which is by the first among the private and public universities of Bangladesh. Students must be able to communicate in both English and Bangla and they must pass these subjects in the semester final examination. Few other European and oriental languages are to be added soon.

Through teaching and related activities Gono Bishwabidyalay aims at achieving the following:

1. To bring cohesion between scientific ideas and peoples aspiration as well as to snsure equal opportunity for men and women.

2. To foster consciousness about scientific queries and welfare of mankind.

3. In building a bridge between modern science and experience of traditional socio-economic concept.

4. Cooperation to establish the social, religious and governmental promise for women.

5. Generating the feeling of the backward population and wish for their welfare, actively participation in programs to eradicate poverty.

6. To work toward sustaining and modernizing arts and crafts.

7. To work for effective solutions for the problems of the people by applying local experiences.

8. To learn lessons from the struggles of the people for establishing their rights as well as from the history of the wars of Liberation of Bangladesh and other countries of the world.

9. Indecent, inelegant and wasteful long dress is forbidden in the university. Toxic cosmetics and lipstick cannot be used by anybody. All students have to be absolutely non-smokers. Any student who will violate rules will be expelled from GB and even the certificate may be forfeited.

10. To learn in depth about the county, the people, the village life, and to take the steps for development of the country and its people.


Students are taught here through the course curriculum, lecture, tutorial, practical, small group discussion, and community training on field that the course curriculum provided by Bangladesh medical and dental council (BMDC). This is mandatory to attend in item and card exam for each student. Each student had to have some essential course those are excluded from BMDC curriculum. The student must have to finish all these courses successfully before final professional MBBS examination. These courses are Bangla and English language, Liberation war, women development, environmental science, ethics & quality and village administration. All these courses are very important as well as they do not harm other BMDC courses. Each academic year is dividing into two equal 6 month semester.

Besides the students under integrated courses will have to learn dental, physiotherapy, ayurveda, and Homeopathy and have to pass.


1. To build future healthcare leaders

2. Continuing Medical Education

3. To make world class academic referral hospital

4. To uphold medical ethics above all and always

5. To provide studies and training in dental science to produce dental graduate and post graduate degree of international standard.

6. To conduct research on common oral and dental diseases prevalent in Bangladesh.

7. To develop the standard of dental education in Bangladesh.

8. To provide highly skilled dental surgeons, technologist, dental hygienist and nurses.

9. To provide modern oral and dental health services to the community.

10. To conduct research and studies on the prevention and cure of the oral & dental diseases.

11. To establish a modern hospital for providing dental and maxillofacial and also general treatment at free/reasonable cost. To train and educate the people for the maintenance of proper oral hygiene.

12. To produce ethical dental manpower to the country. To increase opportunities to the meritorious students to study oral dental science.

13. To meet the urgent and enormous requirement of dental surgeon in the country.

14. To relieve pressure on the Government dental institutions.

Economic earning and savings:

It was observed that the Govt. dental college is under heavy pressure of local and foreign countries. Opportunity of study in private dental institutions will substantially reduce meritorious students from going abroad for studies in dental science. This will prevent our foreign currency from flowing out of the country.


1. There is no sole owner of Gono Bishwabidyalay. Gonoshasthaya Kendra (GK), a Charitable Trust, planned, financed and established the university and it is run by an independent trustee Board.

2. Gono Bishwabidyalay is probably the only private university in Bangladesh where the students have the opportunity of studying a number of courses related to social sciences besides those on science and technology. It is compulsory for each student to study subjects like Bengali, English, Gender studies, Ethic and the history of liberation war of Bangladesh, Environmental science and computer etc. Students have to complete all these courses within the first two semesters otherwise they would not be eligible for promotion to the next higher semesters. Moreover, students are to take part in social services, debates, and musical and drama performances.

3. Besides class lectures, practical, tutorials, and field visits, services like helping the poor, tree plantation, participation in improvement of environment etc. are also a part of education.

4. Semester/Final Examinations will always start on Thursdays as per program and examinations will be held in two shifts each day (morning and evening shift).no excuse will be entertained in this regard.

5. Examination and tuition fees should be paid within the prescribed data otherwise late fine will be imposed.

6. Teachers and students both are accountable. If a student has 90%attendance in all the courses (i.e. including theory classes, practical classes, tutorials, field visits etc.) and passed the examinations regularly s/he will get 25% waiver of tuition fees and the waiver will be raised to 50% if s/he also earns `A` grade in all the courses. In the event of a student having 90% attendance earns `A+` grade then s/he will be exempted from paying tuition fees.

7. There is computer learning faculties at a very low cost.

8. At present Ayurvedic system of treatment has been incorporated in the courses of physiotherapy. The physiotherapy department of GB is the only such department in Bangladesh which is conducted by MPT physiotherapists. There are four physiotherapy units for training students. Besides there is scope for training in Community physiotherapy. The courses of physiotherapy of Gono Bishwabidyalay are unique, most up-dated and different from those of other universities of Bangladesh.

Doctors with MBBS degrees and those who have degrees in nursing are eligible for admission to MPT course, albeit they have to undertake a few additional courses.

9. There is provision for hostel accommodation for a small number of girl students in the university campus. A number of decent private accommodations for the students in the environment-friendly neighborhood of the university, approved by the university are available.

10. Indecent, inelegant and wasteful long dress is forbidden in the university. Toxic cosmetics and lipstick cannot be used by anybody. All students have to be absolutely non-smokers. Any student who will violate rules will be expelled from GB and even the certificate may be forfeited.

11. The students are encouraged to take part in different extra curricular activities organized by the selected student association of the university. It is desirable that those who are unable to swim, drive or ride a motorbike should acquire these skills.

12. The university has a fully air-conditioned rich library. It remains open from 9am-8pm on weekdays.

13. Students must carry and exhibit their identity card by hanging it across their neck, otherwise they will be fined taka 50. if the same mistake is repeated, a student might be expelled from the university campus.

14. Most of the teachers of the university are fulltime and non-smokers. The university takes pride in these diligent and enthusiastic teachers.

15. All the students must undergo a medical check-up at their own cost and submit the test report to the registrar’s office. No student will be admitted without the medical tests.

16. It is obligatory that the students should buy some books on the war of liberation and those related to the struggle and development of the common people from the gono prokashani al the time of admission as well as each year.

17. Relationship between the teachers and students is both affectionate and friendly. However as the impudence of the teachers is not desirable similarly the impolite behavior of the students towards the teachers is highly unacceptable. Students must always show respect towards their teachers. Any grievance against the behavior of the teacher or complaint against their teaching method should be brought to the notice of the relevant dean. S/he will take necessary steps in the matter.

18. The guardians will be informed about and chaos or disturbance created in the class rooms or in the department or in the university by their wards. In that case guardians are required to see appropriate authority of the university and take measures to correct their wards. If this is not observed then the student may be expelled from the university for one or more semesters.

19. Transport facility is not provided by the university; students have to travel on their own at their own cost. It will help them to develop their sprit of self-dependence.

20. There is a special quota for admission of the students belonging to ethnic minorities.

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